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  News about double-head lathe 发布时间:2021-06-26  
The development momentum of CNC combined machine tools is very strong, and the speed of replacement is also accelerating. If the machine is replaced every time the product is updated, I am afraid that few companies can afford it. However, if the old CNC machine tool is transformed, it is possible to retain the original CNC machine tool. All, and adding new functions can be said to serve multiple purposes with one stone. Next, the Taiwan CNC machine tool manufacturer-Nanjing Hartai Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce to you what are the advantages of transforming CNC machine tools?

(1) The design of common parts is verified by production practice, the work is reliable, and the maintenance and spare parts supply work can also be simplified. (2) Due to the wide adaptability of general components, the specification parameters are not formulated for a certain machine tool. When using the same process plan and similar overall layout, the combined machine tool may be slightly more complicated and slightly larger than the individually designed special machine tool. Compared with general-purpose machine tools, the new CNC double-head lathe has the following characteristics. (3) According to the specific workpiece design, a reasonable process scheme can be adopted, and the processing quality is stable. The axis of the spindle of the horizontal CNC milling machine is parallel to the horizontal plane. In order to expand the processing scale and expand the function, the horizontal CNC milling machine generally adopts the method of adding a CNC turntable or a CNC turntable to realize four-axis and five-axis linkage processing. In this way, it can not only process the continuous reversal of the side of the workpiece, but also change the machining orientation of the part through the turntable in one clamping, that is, the so-called workstation, and perform processing in multiple orientations or working surfaces.



The investment is reduced and the delivery time is short. Compared with the purchase of new machine tools, it can usually save 60% to 80% of the cost, and the transformation cost is low. Especially large and special machine tools are particularly noticeable. Usually, the transformation of large-scale machine tools only costs 1/3 of the purchase cost of new machine tools, and the delivery time is short. However, in some special cases, such as the manufacture and installation of high-speed spindles, automatic exchange equipment, and automatic pallet exchange equipment, it is too labor-intensive and expensive. Usually, the cost of transformation increases by 2 to 3 times. Compared with the purchase of new machine tools, it can only save 50% of the investment. about.

With the continuous development of CNC double-head lathes, the working efficiency of CNC milling machines is getting higher and higher. The main task of the CNC double-head lathe is to improve the performance and the precision of the mold. On these basis, the CNC double-head lathe can be continuously improved and innovated, so that the performance of the CNC double-head lathe can be improved, and the CNC milling machine can be developed to Five-axis CNC milling machine. On the basis of the traditional automatic changer, the action speed is increased, or the mechanism and drive elements with faster action speed are adopted.

Mechanical function is stable and reliable

The basic parts such as bed and column used are heavy and sturdy cast components, not the kind of welded components. The transformed machine tool has high function and good quality, and can be used as new equipment for many years. However, due to the constraints of the original mechanical layout, it is not suitable to make breakthrough transformations.

Analysis and processing process: According to the fault phenomenon, check the actual working condition of the machine tool, and find that the Z axis can move a little after starting the machine, and soon the temperature rises rapidly and the surface becomes hot.

When purchasing new equipment, it is not known whether the new equipment will meet its processing needs. Otherwise, the processing capacity of the machine tool can be calculated accurately; in addition, because of many years of use, the operator has already known the special characteristics of the machine tool, and the training time in operation and repair is short and the effect is quick. Once the modified machine tool is installed, it can complete the full-load work.

Can make full use of the existing foundation, without the need to build the foundation from scratch like when purchasing new equipment. At the same time tools, software programs, templates and peripheral equipment can also be reused. Taking the processing center as an example, the cost of skill equipment usually accounts for more than 10% of the price of the entire machine tool.



Ability to choose new control skills

According to the development speed of technological innovation, the automation level and slow power of production equipment can be improved in time, the quality and level of equipment can be improved, and old machine tools can be changed into modern machine tools.

When using the power head, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the operating speed of its seat. Since each object or part has its own different additional speed, the seat is also the same, so it is necessary to ensure that the fast rolling speed of the seat is within Between its extra speed scale, this effectively avoids the wear of the seat. Equivalent to the additional speed of the seat of the power head, the seat also has a certain demand, so it must be ensured that its working environment does not exceed its large limit.
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