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  Actively give play to the leading role of industry organizations, Machine Tool Association in-depth 发布时间:2019-01-25  
On January 4, 2019, the working meeting of the Standardization Committee of China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in Beijing. Mao Yufeng, executive vice chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and Guo Changcheng, executive vice chairman, attended the meeting. More than 60 members of the Association's Standardization Committee and the secretary-general of each branch of the association attended the meeting.
Policies help the association actively build a group standard industry platform
At the beginning of the meeting, Mao Yufeng, executive vice chairman, delivered a speech, "Starting from 2015, new content has been added to the standardization work of the association, that is, the group standard is officially included in the standardization work of the association, and it is the focus of the standardization work of the association."
In recent years, the state has issued a series of policies for the reform of standardization work, and the formulation of standards is gradually shifting from the national level to the industry itself, especially in the competitive field. According to Mao Yufeng, "In 2015, under the guidance of national policies and in the context of the industry entering a stage of high-quality development, the Machine Tool Association put forward the working ideas for developing group standards and the preparation plan for the Association's Standardization Committee. As an industry organization, the Machine Tool Association should take responsibility for It plays an important role in the construction of group standards for the entire industry." Mao Yufeng also emphasized that "the association's group standard construction must adhere to two principles: one is to be solid, lay a solid foundation, and build a good system; the other is to focus on cutting-edge areas and play a leading role. To implement the group standards, the key difficulty lies in the implementation effect of the standards. There is no ready-made model for the association to copy, and all work is carried out in the process of exploration. Industry enterprises are welcome to actively pay attention to the construction of group standards. The task of the association is to build a good group The standard industry platform also requires the joint efforts of all members and industry professionals to do this work well.”
At the meeting, Li Jiyun, director of the industry development department of the association, reported the progress of the association's group standards work. Li Jiyun said that since the preparation of this work in 2015, the association has been accelerating the construction of group standards, from establishing the overall thinking and target positioning of group standards, to compiling relevant documents, and building and improving relevant organizational systems, and some group standards have passed. Project review. In November 2017 and August 2018, two association group standard plan project approval meetings were held, and 26 association group standard projects were determined. In May 2016, the association organized the establishment of the CNC machine tool interconnection communication protocol standard alliance to promote the research work on the special topic of intelligent manufacturing. In order to implement the group standard construction work and truly implement it in the enterprise, the association started the work of "establishing a self-discipline and restraint mechanism for product quality in the machine tool industry".
Take the association standards as the traction to establish a self-discipline mechanism for product quality
At the meeting, Lou Xiaozhong, deputy director of the Association's Industry Development Working Committee, made a report on "establishing a self-discipline mechanism for product quality in the machine tool industry". Lou Xiaozhong said that establishing an industry self-discipline and restraint mechanism, improving the quality awareness of practitioners, regulating the behavior of enterprises in the industry, safeguarding the overall interests of the industry and the legitimate rights and interests of members, and striving to create a good development environment are necessary means to effectively promote the improvement of product quality, and it is also a new era. Important responsibilities of industry associations.
Regarding the specific implementation of the self-discipline and restraint mechanism, Lou Xiaozhong said that with the association standards as technical support, the formulation of the "Product Quality Evaluation Specification" was started, and a large number of mainframe products and functional components were selected as pilots. ” as the basis, carry out the activity of “Product Quality Compliance Commitment” in the industry, under the principle of voluntary, based on the self-discipline behavior of enterprises, make commitment to the quality of key products, and gradually expand to all related products in the industry. Member enterprises, and promote the improvement of the quality level of enterprises in the industry.
Subsequently, Lou Xiaozhong explained the implementation plan of the "Commitment to Product Quality Compliance" activity and the implementation management measures of "Product Quality Compliance Commitment". The implementation plan is divided into four stages, the first stage: start the formulation of "product quality evaluation standards"; the second stage: the publicity and implementation of "product quality evaluation standards"; the third stage: the implementation of "product quality compliance commitments"; the fourth stage: Stage: Publicity and promotion of the "Product Quality Compliance Commitment" activity.
At present, the first stage of work, that is, the formulation of the "Product Quality Evaluation Specification" association group standard has been started. The group standard formulation working group of the "Vertical Machining Center Product Quality Evaluation Specification" led by the Milling Machine Branch has been established, and three seminars have been organized to focus on the key factors affecting the product quality of vertical machining centers that are widely concerned by industry enterprises. After in-depth analysis and discussion, the overall structure of the standard and the sub-responsible units have been determined, and the standard preparation work is in progress.
At the meeting, Liu Yuling, the former chief engineer of Beijing Beiyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd., introduced the progress of the development of the group standard of the "Vertical Machining Center Product Quality Evaluation Specification" Association of the Milling Machine Branch, involving the overall framework, compilation principles and regulatory elements of the group standard. Such content has received great attention and recognition from the delegates.
The representatives of the meeting had a full exchange on the above content. Many industry experts suggest that the formulation of group standards should be higher than national standards and industry standards, and focus on the formulation of mid-to-high-end products. skill improved. The meeting also announced the adjusted list of members of the Association's Standardization Committee, and passed the nomination of the chairman and deputy chairman. The committee is composed of 33 leaders and technical leaders from various sub-sectors of machine tools and tools. The chairman is composed of the association. Mao Yufeng, the legal representative and executive vice chairman, served as the chairman.
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